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plural form of Folium foh-lee-uhm 

a thin leaflike structure

from Latin, literally ‘leaf’

Folia is a Salon and *bonus* plant shop. We created a space that is bright, welcoming, and warm for hairdressers to be their creative selves and for clients to feel at home. Stop in and pick up a plant, hair product, or even better sit back and relax for a hair service and enjoy all the greenery. 


R + Co

R+Co is a collective of some of the most forward-thinking, rule-bending hairstylists in the business. They are a think tank of top editorial and salon stylists and educators.


R+Co is about an experience. The packaging and fragrances were designed to enhance that experience and evoke a feeling, place, style or attitude. You’ll know just by looking at a bottle or tube what a product is meant to do, and the subtle yet sophisticated fragrances—meant for both men and women.


The award-winning line of products feature unique ingredients and benefits designed to deliver immediate, high-performing results while keeping hair and scalp health at top-of-mind. All of the formulas are color-safe, heat and UV protective, vegan, cruelty and gluten-free, and without harmful ingredients such as parabens, sulfates (SLS or SLES), mineral oil and petroleum.

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